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New homepage & new forum

Beitragvon Admin » 19/6/2011, 18:41

Dear guests!

With the old site and the old forum we unfortunately only had anger. The system was so outdated that we have spent most of the time with banning spambots, deleting their posts and repairing script errors and security vulnerabilities. Since this was hardly possible because of stopped support for phpBB 2.*, we have decided to make a complete restart. You see the results at this moment.
Unfortunately we werent able to transfer the old and broken database into the new board. So all of you will have to register new accounts and - the worst thing! - the old content couldnt be transfered here. Of course we have secured the old data and we will try to make the contents accessible somehow.

So just re-register and have fun in our new forum!
We look forward to see you in the forum, fellow friend!

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